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Activated Charcoal Dishwash Liquid

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Introducing our Activated Charcoal Dishwash Liquid, your ultimate solution for spotless dishes and a sparkling kitchen.

Harnessing the power of activated charcoal, this revolutionary formula effortlessly banishes grease and grime, leaving your dishes gleaming with a pristine shine.

Experience the difference with every wash as our advanced formula swiftly cuts through tough stains, ensuring a thorough clean without the need for harsh scrubbing. Say goodbye to residue and hello to immaculate results with each use.

Not just a regular dish soap, our Activated Charcoal Dishwash Liquid goes beyond mere cleaning. Enriched with natural ingredients, it nourishes your hands, leaving them feeling soft and moisturized even after tackling a sink full of dirty dishes.

With its refreshing scent and luxurious lather, doing the dishes becomes a delightful task rather than a chore. Transform your kitchen into a sanctuary of cleanliness and freshness every time you reach for our Activated Charcoal Dishwash Liquid.

Elevate your dishwashing routine and indulge in the ultimate cleaning experience. Upgrade to our Activated Charcoal Dishwash Liquid today and discover the difference for yourself.

Make the switch now and let your dishes shine brighter than ever before!


Beige, Pink


Cotton & Metal


Mia Turner

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300 g




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